1) RolePlay Central

Hey there everyone, LMW7 here. I’m happy that you’ve joined me in this fun role playing world. My world is ever growing and changing as I’m ever growing and changing. But what good is it to have your world and not be able to share it? Hmm… Not the kind of world I want to have. So I’m sharing it with you.

Role playing I’ve found to be enjoyable among friends. You get to make friends and be yourself, try new things, and use your imagination. My imagination is pretty big, so my ideas keep growing. Heheeh~ My original ideas sprang from wanting to have a cool place to hang out with friends, talk and play games. But as time went on, and my rp started to develop and friends played along, things grew. It resparked my writing interest, and helped push me to imporve in my art skills, and now here we are.

RolePlay Central is just an inclusive name for the many ideas and things that can be shared in the world of rp. Different people like to do different things. Some like to read, others like to write. Some don’t mind sharing their art work, others like myself share great music. Some like to play fun games with friends, others just want to chat. And best of all, there is MANY ways to do all of those things. I just want to bring all my friends together to hang out sometimes.

With that, I open the gates of this domain, RolePlay Central. I have lots to share, especially I’ll be sharing my stories, be them fictional or real life experiences. But it doesn’t just have to be me. Even if you can’t do a lot, just you being here and reading this means so much. I want the domain to have a community atmosphere. Think of it as an ideal place for you to live. RPC needs you to help it grow and be a fun place, or else…. it will only be me living in this imaginative neighborhood. Mmmh. That might look bad. Eheheeh~ So feel free to let me know what you would like from RPC to make it an enjoyable role playing environment. If I don’t yet have it, consider it done, I’ll make it happen as best as I know how. That way, whenever you stop by, you can always have something to rp style call your own.

This is the front gate to RPC’s domain. As things grow and settle, I will post direct links to make it easier to know what’s going on. For now, feel free to check stuff out.

Thank you for stopping by, and I’ll see you around~



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