4) Contact Info

RolePlay Central is coming into it’s own. There’s going to be a lot of ways that you can join in on the fun. But I want this to be a safe and enviting place for everyone. And also, I don’t want you to be over taken by the activity here. I’ll try to be as regular and consistant as I can, be it RPC updates, the writing or art posts, or with events. But I never want to leave you behind. So communication is key.

For all things official RPC, email us at RolePlayCentral.ConnectsUs@gmail.com
Let me know what part of the enterprise you’re interested in. Some of the sharing will be restricted, so access will be granted upon request.

RPC has an IRC Channel. Role playing events may be held there, and it’s a fun and interactive way to chat from anywhere in the world. When the channel is ready for live action, a link to the webchat will be > here < .

You can always leave a comment here and I'll be sure to answer. If you want to contact me directly, email me at lmw7.131416@gmail.com. There are other options for contacting me as well, and RPC may continue to grow, so with time this page will be updated. Until then, I'll see you around.



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