RolePlay Central Kick Off.

–*All is dark, not much to it.* …. Ohe~ I hope I don’t… Dagh…. what was that? Bumped my head. That’s bound to leave a mark. *Reaches for the light switch, or anything for that matter.* Where am I? HELLO?!~ Is anyone here?!~ *Is met with echos* Whoa, this place must be big, how’d I get here. *Suddenly feels a hand on her shoulder.* Da-ho~ Don’t scare me like that. My eyes are starting to adjust to the darkness. What are you doing here 7? Oh? Is that so? Really? We needed to move? Have a bigger domain? Ohe~ seriously? But I thought we already had it all, the house, the school, staff, teachers, students; you know… everything. What? That’s not enough? More you say? More writing, art, games, events, friends, more more more? Really?! You think so? Well…. What am I doing here? Where are the lights? Close my eyes?!? What in the?…. *Burst of light and warmth.* AHHHG~ Oh! It burns with my eyes closed. *Slowly opens eyes and sees a door.* Whoa, so much light! What’s in there? A bigger domain you say? With more stuff? Go in and look? …. Well okay, if you say so. *Steps forward with caution.* Ohe~ Nice!!! Hay wait, isn’t that our house? And… and… and isn’t that the school? And the grove! You even moved the grove!!!! The precious grove!!! Ohe~ And there’s so much more space!!! Oh my shadow, you’ve done it now!!! I think this is a great imporvement in the world of role playing. *Notices the main gate has a new name.* This is different. Share it? Expand? Do you think I can? Will anyone come and visit us here? …. Well, I want to do this. Go for it then? Everyone’s in on this? Alright then. Let’s do this! *New domain activated in a world of endless possibilities*–

And that’s how RolePlay Central came to be. Today is release day, and for the next several hours, I’m going to keep rolling out the changes. In fact, release day will be a full 24 hours. For those of you who are just coming around and don’t get any of what just happened, no worries. It’s and rp thing. Check out some of the pages to get a feel for the rp way here. There will be updates once a week for the time being, so check in often for the latest updates if you’re interested. For those of you who are already somewhat familiar with the domain, maybe even had ties to the original domain, welcome to RPC. I’ve been on and off making changes for over a month. And now look, here’s the new changes in action. Role playing just got upgraded. We can continue things from the group here, and branch out later.

As a General Manager, some of you already know, I work super hard to reach goals. It’s been a long journey leading up to the start of RolePlay Central. As I’ve changed, and grown and evolved, so has my ideas. What was so small and simple, with the power of friendship, hard work, imagination, and a drive to stick with it, has now grown to be bigger and better. I have benefited from the experince the most. I am truely greatful for my loved ones and friends. None of this would be possible without you. It wasn’t easy, I struggled through most of it. But the rewards are well worth it. I look forward to more amazing times with friends, shared memories, and pure fun. If you remember nothing else from this post, I leave you with this-

Anything is possible, you just have to believe. And if you’re anything like me, you’ll have to be careful not to work yourself to get there. But don’t worry, even if it’s just for moral support, I’m not too far away. Need a hug? I’m here. Need someone to talk to? I’m available on weekdays, most nights, and weekends. Want to share some ideas or hang out? The house is always opened. Have no idea what I’m talking about? Welcome to RolePlay Central.

From your host and GM, found deep within the ever changing and vast world of rp. I’ll see you guys around.

~ LMW7